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The London Dungeon is a thrill-a-minute journey through 1,000 years of London's history. Whether it's Jack The Ripper stalking the streets of East London, Guy Fawkes attempting to blow up parliament or the dark side of the reign of Henry VIII you'll be brought face to face with the vivid reality of London's past. Two underground rides - one of them taking you to a hanging at Newgate Prison - combine with highly trained actors and painstakingly recreated environments to deliver an experience that's become one of London's leading attractions.
Queues snake out of the venue each day and we'd advise early booking so that your 90 minute journey to London's own heart of darkness can begin the minute your arrive.

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The London Dungeon

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From the dark deeds of Henry VIII to the horror of the hangman at Newgate Prison, you'll leave The London Dungeon filled with new knowledge of London's history - and you'll have been terrified, horrified and thrilled into the bargain. Sophisticated technology delivers theme park style rides while live actors turn what might be dry historical events into vivid re-enactments with you at the centre of it all.

The terror that you'll occasionally feel is more than just a fairground-style thrill. This is how London's citizens felt in the days gone by, when this sophisticated high-tech city was, for some, a dank, dangerous place. One moment you'll be attempting to escape the Great Plague and the next there's the Great Fire of London devastating the city. London's notorious murdering barber, Sweeney Todd, the subject of a blockbuster movie, has his own chair for you to sit in while the story of Jack the Ripper has never been more evocatively told.

There's always queues outside The London Dungeon, located on the South Bank in County Hall, the former headquarters of London's local government. That's why we'd strongly advise buying tickets in advance to jump the queue and begin your London Dungeon experience. You'll emerge, blinking into the daylight, seeing London in an entirely new way.


County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road
SE1 7PB Londres
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