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Jack the Ripper Museum


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What to expect

Jack the Ripper was the name given to one of the world's most notorious serial killers, who stalked the streets of London's impoverished East End in search of new victims. The killer was never found and his dark deeds have fascinated generations of Londoners ever since. Your visit to the Jack the Ripper Museum in the heart of the East End will allow you to understand the conditions of the time - and why police were never able to catch this terrifying serial killer.

The Jack the Ripper Museum is a lesson from London's gruesome past. Jack the Ripper was the name given to London's most notorious serial killer, never caught by the police and responsible for the terrible deaths of at least five woman - and quite possibly many more. The murders obsessed late 19th Century London. Newspapers and magazines carried front page reports each day - and the police were heavily criticised for not catching the killer, as women in the impoverished East End of London lived in fear.

The East End has become a highly fashionable place to live in recent years, but the Victorian buildings of the area remain as they were then and it's easy to imagine a shady figure escaping down dark alleyways on a night shrouded in London fog. Located in the heart of that area, the Jack the Ripper Museum tells the story of the terrible deeds of one of London's most notorious figures and focuses on the women - many of them driven by the poverty of the East End of the time to become prostitutes - who were his victims. Your visit will leave you with a keen sense of how perilous life was in Victorian London for those who had barely enough money to survive each day and how the entire city felt itself stalked by the Jack the Ripper murders.