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Visit to Stonehenge


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What to expect

Stonehenge combines the scent of mystery, immemorial past, and seductive appearance. The purpose of this circle of stones erected in Prehistory remains uncertain even today. Take a seat aboard a comfortable bus chartered from London to discover this site of fascinating beauty, classified by UNESCO on the World Heritage List. In front of this circle of stones thousands of years old, you will be struck with admiration and filled with questions about its function and, even more so, about the peoples who erected it. Is it an ancient temple dedicated to the sun god? Were sacrifices performed at Stonehenge? How could Stone Age builders erect such tall structures? A visit on-site with an audio guide available in six languages ​​will answer most of these questions while preserving the mystery of the site. Stonehenge is an excursion not to be missed under any circumstances.

Stonehenge, a circle of stones erected thousands of years ago, is one of the most remarkable structures you will see in your lifetime. Indeed, one never forgets the first time they discover Stonehenge. Much like during its construction, Stonehenge stands, perfectly isolated, in a plain near the small town of Salisbury. Every visitor stopping at this place can only marvel. No matter how many images of Stonehenge you may have seen beforehand, nothing can prepare you for the shock you will feel when you first discover these immense megaliths, some of which weigh more than forty tons. Numerous questions will rush through your head. What are these stones doing in the middle of this plain? Were they meant to celebrate the sun during the summer solstice? How could Stonehenge have been erected without all our modern tools and equipment?

To visit Stonehenge, you can take a bus from London. On-site, learn more through an audioguide available in six different languages. It is no coincidence that Stonehenge is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as this magical place is like no other. A brand-new visitor center traces the site's history, while an on-site museum houses the artifacts found during excavation campaigns. If you are vacationing in London, be sure to add Stonehenge to your sightseeing itinerary; you will never forget this enchanting place.