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What to expect

Stonehenge is mysterious, ancient and alluring: a prehistoric circle of huge stones whose purpose is unknown. Take a luxury coach trip from London to see this haunting, beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site for yourself. You'll be awe-struck at the size of this circle of huge stones that's thousands of years old and filled with questions about what it was for and who built it. Was it an ancient temple to a sun god? Perhaps Stonehenge was a place of sacrifice? How did stone-age people build this huge structure? On-site visitor centres and audioguides in six languages fill in some of the answers. The rest is left to you. An unmissable and important excursion.

Stonehenge is one of the most remarkable structures you'll ever see, a prehistoric circle of huge stones built by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Your first sight of this mysterious monument will be an unforgettable one. Stonehenge stands alone, as it has always done, on a plain outside the city of Salisbury. Every visitor stops, gasps and draws breath. However many images you've seen of Stonehenge, there really is no substitute for experiencing first hand the power of these stones, some weighing as much as 40 tons. The questions will tumble through your head: Why are these stones here? Is it, as many believe, to mark the summer solstice and so a way of worshipping the sun? How, without the modern construction technology we take for granted, was it built?

Taking a tour to Stonehenge, with transport by luxury coach from London and with audio guides in six languages, is a real privilege. Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with good reason. There is nothing quite like it anywhere. An ultra-modern visitor centre takes you through the history, while an on-site museum houses some of the ancient objects found at the site, offering some clues as to what Stonehenge was really for. Your visit to Stonehenge is a fascinating addition to any visit to London and one that you'll always remember.