London by Night bus tour London by Night bus tour

London by Night bus tour


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Hop on, hop off bus

From Trafalgar Square and Kensington Palace to the heart of the ancient City of London: open topped hop-on hop-off bus tours allow you to experience London in a unique way - and there's three walking tours and a free Thames River Cruise included. An essential for your London visit.
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Harry Potter walking tour

Discover the London of Harry Potter, including Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station, Diagon Alley and some of the locations of the blockbuster films on a Harry Potter Walking Tour. See a London that you might have thought was a work of fiction as you uncover the secrets that inspired J K Rowling.
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Jack the Ripper walking tour

Jack the Ripper was London's most notorious serial killer, a shadow in the streets searching for women to become his next victims. Your Jack the Ripper tour takes you back to a time when the streets you will walk were streets of terror. It's a compelling, macabre window into London's dark and dangerous past.

What to expect

London by night sees all of its major attractions dramatically lit up, showing them off at their best. There's the world-famous electronic advertisements on Piccadilly Circus, spotlights trained on majestic Tower Bridge and a unique view of Buckingham Palace as the Queen goes about her night-time duties. You'll see them all - and much more - on an open-top bus tour after hours, as Londoners themselves turn their home into a night-time place of play. London is a true 24 hour city and we'd say that every visitor should experience these spectacular delights as London sparkles like the multi-faceted jewel that it is.

London comes newly alive at night, like all truly great cities. After hours, Londoners turn their city into a playground. Take a sightseeing tour by night to see this great city with new eyes. As the lights come on you'll experience London from an open top bus seeing all of the sights with a live English language tour expert, or your choice of multilingual electronic guides.

The Palace of Westminster is spectacularly lit up, its neo-Gothic splendour at its very best reflected in the mighty River Thames, with its clock tower, housing the Big Ben bell, a true highlight. Piccadilly Circus is justifiably world famous for its high-tech electronic advertisements, among the first in the world when they were first installed in 1910. From your top deck seat, you'll see these signs illuminate the bustle of night time London.

The renowned dome of St Paul's Cathedral is best seen dramatically lit, reminding us all of its long-standing role as one of London's best-loved symbols, an emblem of London's survival of the bombing of World War II. And of course there's Buckingham Palace, London home of the Queen herself, with spotlights trained on the famous facade behind which the night-time business of royalty - including state banquets - is conducted as your bus drives past.