London city tours London city tours

London city tours

London is a multi-layered city with many secrets. We've come up with some easy ways to unlock those secrets and to understand how London has become the great 21st century metropolis it is today.

Our London City tours

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Hop on, hop off bus

From Trafalgar Square and Kensington Palace to the heart of the ancient City of London: open topped hop-on hop-off bus tours allow you to experience London in a unique way - and there's three walking tours and a free Thames River Cruise included. An essential for your London visit.
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London by night

Night-time London is truly magical when experienced from your own seat on an open top after hours bus tour. You'll see all of the sights - whether it's floodlit Buckingham Palace or the famous electronic advertisements of Piccadilly Circus - in an entirely new way. See London sparkle, just for you.
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Harry Potter walking tour

Discover the London of Harry Potter, including Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station, Diagon Alley and some of the locations of the blockbuster films on a Harry Potter Walking Tour. See a London that you might have thought was a work of fiction as you uncover the secrets that inspired J K Rowling.
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Jack the Ripper walking tour

Jack the Ripper was London's most notorious serial killer, a shadow in the streets searching for women to become his next victims. Your Jack the Ripper tour takes you back to a time when the streets you will walk were streets of terror. It's a compelling, macabre window into London's dark and dangerous past.
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London Pass

London is home to many of the UK’s most visited attractions, drawing in millions of visitors every month. With the London Pass, you can enjoy fast track entry to some of the most popular attractions in town, saving you plenty of time and hassle.

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The Beatles walking tour

Discover the hidden London haunts of John, Paul, George and Ringo on a Beatles Walking Tour. Step back in time and discover the "Swinging Sixties" of Carnaby Street when the world rocked to the sound of The Beatles. A must for any music fan.

Hop-on, hop-off open top bus tours are the ideal way to introduce yourself to London, taking a break whenever and wherever you choose. Perhaps you'll stop at Buckingham Palace to really breathe in the atmosphere, or pause at Trafalgar Square for a visit to an Old Master at the National Gallery. Book an open top bus tour at night to see London sparkle as everything from the ancient Tower of London to the ultra-modern Shard skyscraper is lit up for you to admire.

Back on ground level, walking tours are the perfect way to reach the very heart of hidden London, with experienced guides at your disposal. Take The Beatles walking tour to take a step back to the Swinging Sixties and find out how London shaped the success of the greatest band in the world. You might choose to take a walk on the dark side with a Jack The Ripper walking tour, taking in the parts of the East End of London where this notorious serial killer stalked his victims in the 1880s. Harry Potter might be a fictional character but the London that features in J K Rowling's books is real, as you'll find out on the Harry Potter walking tour. Whatever your choice, you'll emerge from your London tour with a deeper knowledge of an astonishing place.

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September 29th 2020
very good and easy
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Had a booking but because of covid had to reschedule and they was so helpful
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Lovely girl at the till, great customer service ?

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