Historic buildings of London Historic buildings of London

Historic buildings of London

London is a place of power, royalty and historic splendour, a great 21st century world city that throws open the doors of its most famous palaces, cathedrals and churches for you to visit. Buckingham Palace, the residence of Queen Elizabeth II, allows visitors in for a few months in the summer to admire the lavish state rooms where heads of state are entertained and royal banquets are still held in the style of years gone by. The Queen was crowned at Westminster Abbey, where the Coronation Chair is one of the many highlights, with tickets available ahead of your visit.

Historic buildings in London

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Westminster Abbey

Step in royal footsteps as you walk through the doors of the breathtaking Westminster Abbey. The pomp of hundreds of years of coronations - including that of Queen Elizabeth - the splendour of royal weddings and the sombre mood of royal funerals: Westminster Abbey has seen it all - and so can you.
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Tower of London

The Tower of London is the city's forbidding, fascinating royal fortress. Inside the Tower, defending the River Thames for almost 1,000 years, you'll see the magnificent Crown Jewels, the colourful Beefeaters who guard them - and the dank dungeons were traitors were kept. Unforgettable.
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St Paul's Cathedral

Visit St Paul's Cathedral and experience centuries of London history. The magnificent dome symbolised the British spirit as it survived the bombs of the blitz in the Second World War. The riches of the interior have been witness to great state occasions. Step through the doors and breathe in the magnificence.
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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is a beautiful monument to the extravagance of one of Britain's most famous kings. King Henry VIII had vast appetites for food and luxury. Hampton Court Palace is the place where these tastes were indulged. From sumptuous interiors to luxuriant gardens, this palace has it all.
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London Pass

London is home to many of the UK’s most visited attractions, drawing in millions of visitors every month. With the London Pass, you can enjoy fast track entry to some of the most popular attractions in town, saving you plenty of time and hassle.

Advance booking is also advised for London's most important castle, The Tower of London, a place of both royal residence and of terror, where traitors were held and executed - and where red-clad Beefeaters stand guard over the Queen's Crown Jewels today. Nearby, majestic St Paul's Cathedral and its celebrated dome became a symbol of Britain's stubborn resistance during the sustained bombings of World War II. Your tickets take you inside to a magnificent interior and up to the whispering gallery, high in the dome itself. Hampton Court Palace is a monument to the extravagance of King Henry VIII, a man of vast appetites. Admission to Hampton Court takes you to his vast Great Hall, scene of epic banquets and to the beautiful gardens, including the famous maze, on the banks of the River Thames. Like all of London's greatest buildings, this is a vivid monument to an extraordinary history.

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