The Lion King : The Musical The Lion King : The Musical

The Lion King : The Musical



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Mamma Mia!

Are you thinking of making a getaway to London to dance to the rhythm of the English capital? Enjoy your stay across the Channel to attend Mamma Mia, one of the best musicals of the moment that has already made dance more than 40 million viewers.

What to expect

Choose and reserve your tickets for an unmissable musical, The Lion King in London. If you're planning a week-end or a week in the British capital with your kids, step through the doors of the legendary Lyceum Theater to see one of the greatest musicals of the moment. During 2h30, you will live a magical and unique experience in the Disney universe of Simba to the rhythm of the superb music composed by Elton John. With its success on Broadway, staged at the theater by the brilliant Julie Taymor, it is currently one of the most popular family events in the British capital. For this reason, it is advisable to reserve places in advance to guarantee availability but also the best price. Select the best seats in the room yourself and access last-minute bookings. Aimed at adults and children over the age of 6, the Lion King will brighten up your family getaway in London.

Duration of the show: 2h30 (intermission included)


  • 19:30 : every day except Monday
  • 14:30 : Wednesdays and Saturdays

Admission: children are allowed from 3 years old, but this event is rather suitable for more than 6 years.


  • selection of places on plan
  • availability of places in real time
  • instant receipt of tickets

The King Lion's show in London being a very popular event, we advise you to book your tickets as soon as possible.

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