Jack the Ripper walking tour

Take a trip to the horrifying past of London's trendy East End and come face to face with the dark deeds of Jack the Ripper. London's most notorious serial killer stalked the streets after dark in search of his next victim. Your Jack the Ripper walking tour takes you to the very places where his killings took place and to the pub, still standing today, where he met some of them. These killings were a sensation in the 1880s and that fascination remains. To this day, no-one knows the identity of Jack the Ripper and that makes this walking tour even more spine-tingling.


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The East End of London in the late nineteenth century was haunted by the spectre of a serial killer. The identity of Jack the Ripper, as the murderer became known because of his grisly methods, is still not known. His victims were all woman, suspected to be prostitutes. The East End today is one of London's most fashionable districts, but in the 1880s these narrow streets were no place to be after dark as the fog came in.

Your Jack the Ripper walking tour takes you down those streets. Step into the pub where the Ripper is said to have met some of his victims. It might now be a hipster joint serving craft ales but shut your eyes and it's easy to remember a rough drinking house with sawdust on the floors and horses tied up outside. The walk doesn't spare on gruesome detail as you visit the places where The Ripper's victims were found and hear speculation, still rife to this day, on the identity of the killer. There's even an eerie air to the ancient church where there's a memorial to the last of Jack The Ripper's victims. This walking tour reminds us all of a dark part of London's past, in a neighbourhood that's now one of its most desirable places to live.

For more secrets, you can visit the Jack the Ripper Museum, located next to the Tower of London.


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