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Hampton Court Palace


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What to expect

Hampton Court was one of the many castles owned by one of the most extravagant monarchs in British history. Henry VIII's unconventional life and numerous wives brought both fame and shame to the monarchy. His voracity for food and luxury is evident in the vast halls of this sumptuous palace, furnished with the finest creations of the time and adorned with a magnificent collection of artworks. Your entry ticket, preferably to be booked in advance, provides access to all reception rooms - from the Great Hall to the Royal Tennis Court - as well as the perfectly manicured gardens and the famous Hampton Court Maze.

Hampton Court is a palace designed for royalty, ideally located on the banks of the Thames, on the outskirts of London. It was one of the many palaces of King Henry VIII, and one of the few that can still be visited today. Push open the doors of the great hall, built according to Henry VIII's directives, to find yourself in a place as vast as a cathedral, where sumptuous banquets were held. You can visit the titanic kitchens built to feed this king with unparalleled appetite.

Your tickets to Hampton Court Palace are to be purchased in advance to avoid queues and include an audio guide available in several languages ​​and access to all the reception rooms of the royal palace including the famous tennis court. The refinement of the place is also noticeable in the royal chapel, adorned with stained glass windows. Everything in this place has been designed to make a strong impression on the visitor. Henri VIII's successors thus asked Sir Christopher Wren, the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral, to remodel the palace to make it a serious competitor to Versailles. It is this version of the building that you can still admire today, with its perfectly maintained gardens and its maze. Both peaceful and fascinating, Hampton Court Palace makes palpable all the history of royalty.