Body Worlds London Body Worlds London

Body Worlds London at the London Pavilion in Piccadilly Circus

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What to expect

If since your childhood, the desire to know what lies beneath your skin intrigues you? This fantastic and impressive exhibition by Dr. Gunther von Hagens is made for you. Discover Body Worlds, the new London attraction!

A journey into the human body, who could have imagined that one day it would be possible? Today, it is with Body Worlds! You will discover the beauty hidden in our anatomy. Made with respect and with the consent of the subjects, this exhibition is intended for everyone, young and old. An unforgettable experience to discover!

Body Worlds is not designed to scare you. On the contrary, this exhibition invites you to discover your body from another perspective and to give it greater importance. It helps to understand anatomy and physiology in order to preserve health. Through the method of plastination, developed by Dr. Hagen, you can see real and well-preserved human bodies. On three floors and spread over six galleries, you will observe a large number of vital organs, destroyed by cancer and the impact of our lifestyles. Also discern information about the functioning of the human body with the network of nerves, muscles, and different anatomies. Since the first exhibition in 1995, it has attracted the interest of more than 44 million visitors. An emotional and exceptional journey that you will certainly enjoy.

Timings for BODY WORLDS London

Every day from 10 am to 7 pm (last entry 1 hour before closing)
Last Friday of each month: extended hours until 10 pm.

Rates for BODY WORLDS London

Youths aged 6 to 15 as well as students benefit from a reduced rate. Additionally, Body Worlds London is free for children aged 0 to 5.

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