Lunchtime cruise on the River Thames Lunchtime cruise on the River Thames

Lunchtime cruise on the River Thames


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London Eye Cruise

Let the River Thames do your sightseeing for you on a London Eye river cruise. Experience St Paul's Cathedral, The Tower of London, Tate Modern and The Shard, London's tallest skyscraper, from a unique perspective as you cruise under London's bridges.

What to expect

See The Tower of London, the Palace of Westminster and The Shard, Europe's tallest building, from the comfort of your own lunch table. When you take a leisurely lunchtime cruise on the River Thames, you'll see London's history and landmarks unfolding beside you as you enjoy a freshly cooked meal. There's the unforgettable moment when you cruise under London Bridge and see Tower Bridge before you. London can only truly be understood by spending time on the River Thames. There's no better way of doing this than by choosing a classic or premier lunchtime cruise on the river that defines London's very existence.

The very best way to understand modern London is to experience this enthralling city from its age-old river. A lunch cruise on the River Thames is a unique way to see London and its landmarks - both ancient and ultra-modern - unfold on each bank as your boat goes by.

You'll see the Palace of Westminster, home to the British parliament, showing off its Victorian Neo-Gothic splendour. Just opposite, on the South Bank, the London Eye is 21st Century London at its finest. As you pass under London Bridge, The Shard, Europe's tallest building, the work of architect Renzo Piano, dramatically pierces the skyline. If The Shard draws gasps today, The Tower of London commanded similar awe hundreds of years ago as London's most important structure. The Tower's siting right on the river is no accident, designed above all to impress visitors and deter invaders arriving from the sea. You will see The Tower as those early visitors always did: from the Thames. Londoners sometimes call this river Old Father Thames. On a lunch cruise you'll understand why Britain's longest river, on the final stages of its journey to the sea, is worthy of this name.

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